Oct 15th Shutting down all services effectively on 10/31/2021

This is not something to take lightly as I have been a Teamspeak host for over 17 years. We are just not profitable and you are not getting the attention you deserve as a customer. So I regent to inform you that we will be shutting down all services effectively on 10/31/2021.Teamspeak 3 customers can contact us if you would like a download of your ... Read More »

Feb 19th Teamspeak 3 Server update to version 3.11.0 at 10:00am CST on 2/19/2020

Starting at 10am CST on 2/19/2020 we will be updating all Teamspeak servers to version 3.11.0. Downtime will be minimal and should take no more than 5 minutes to update and restart each server.

Upgrade to server version 3.11.0 complete.

Oct 28th Recent Server Migrations

We recently migrated a few of our older servers to new 64-bit systems with DDoS protection. Below is the list of changes and new IP addresses that are now in use.   The server ch.teamspeak.cc was migrated to another server on 10/24/2017UPDATE: Migration completed, The new IP address for ch.teamspeak.cc is The server ... Read More »

Jan 11th Teamspeak 3.1: External domains require DNS changes

Please note: As of Teamspeak 3.1 if you are using your own external domains you will need to make some DNS changes. For TSDNS to properly function with 3.1+ Teamspeak clients an SRV record is needed. Required settings for using our service are: Service: _tsdnsProtocol: _tcpName: @Target: teamspeak.cc (or ts3dns.com for ts3dns customers ... Read More »

Sep 26th Forced SSL sitewide and Teamspeak 3 server update to

We have recently started to force SSL for all pages sitewide so that every page is now securely encrypted. Also, Today starting at 10:00am CST (9/26/2016) we will be updating all Teamspeak 3 servers to version There will be a brief downtime 1-5 minutes while we restart to apply updates.Update: As of 12pm CST all servers have been ... Read More »

May 3rd Teamspeak 3 server update to

Today starting at 10:30am CST (5/8/2016) we will be updating all Teamspeak 3 servers to version There will be a brief downtime 1-5 minutes while we restart to apply updates.

Update: As of 11am CST all servers have been updated to

Apr 8th Website login issues

A recent update to our biling software is the is causing issues with logging we are working to resolve these issues as soon as possible.

Update:  4/8/1016 10am CST: All issues should be resolved at this time please contact us if you have any questions or need any assistance.

Jan 11th Credit Card processing changes

All Credit Card transactions now require a vaild zip code that matches the address on the card. If we have any issues processing your card please make sure your billing address is correct and updated before attempting the payment again.

Jan 9th Mumble servers updated to 1.2.12

We have just pushed out the latest mumble server version to all our servers this morning. Please open a ticket if you have any issues after this update is complete.

More Information can be found here: http://blog.mumble.info/mumble-1-2-12/

Sep 23rd ts3dns website

ts3dns.com is back online thanks to a reworked network setup that is more distributed than ever before ‪#‎googlecomputeengine‬