HOW TO: Register with a server?

Sometimes it is possible to register yourself with a server. The advantages of registering are numerous, for example the different privileges you acquired will be remembered.

Depending on the servers configuration you are able to register yourself.

How to register yourself:

* Open the 'Self' menu and select 'Register With Server'. If this option is greyed out you need to contact the servers administrator.
* Choose a username and password and press 'Register'.
* You will be informed if the registration process was successful. If not, have a look at the error message. If it says 'Loginname already in use', you will have to choose another nickname.

Now you have registered yourself on the server. To take advantage of registering you will have to connect to the TeamSpeak server with your username and password.

How to log in with your account:

As you normally register on servers you are planning to use regularly, it's recommended to use the 'Local Addressbook' for managing your server account.

* Open the 'Connection' menu and select 'Connect'.
* Select the 'Local Addressbook' tab unless it's already selected.
* If you have not already done so, create a new server by rightclicking somewhere into the white field to the left and selecting 'Add Server'.
* You can now choose a name to help you identify the server. You can also use the 'Label' field for this.
* Enter 'Server Address' and 'Nickname' just like you would do in 'Quick Connect'.
* Now select 'Registered' and enter 'Login Name' and 'User Password' exactly as you did when registering with the server.
* The other fields are optional. Read the client manual if you wish to learn more about them. Click 'Connect'.


Alternatively, you can use the 'Quick Connect' feature to login.

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