Supported BBcodes

BB code

Link with anchor text [url=]Teamspeak Command Center[/url]
Without link anchor text [url][/url]
Embed images [img][/img]
Image with link [url=][img][/img] [/url]
Text Color [color=red]A text in red[/color]
Text Size [size=1]text with font size 1[/size]
Align Left [left]left aligned text[/left]
Align Right Align [right]Right justified text[/right]
Align centered [center]centered text[/center]
Strong [b]Bold text[/b]
Italic [i]Italic text[/i]
Underline [u]text underlined[/u]
Unordered list [list]
[*] Text A
[*] Text B
[/ list]

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