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Many people have complained about the complexity of ACLs - that they are complicated, hard, and cumbersome. They are none of these if used correctly. You see, the ACLs can be as complicated as you want. It is basically a full permissions suite similar to what you would deal with on an Apache server. But it doesn't have to be that complicated!

Do you know what ACL means? Access Control List. That is all. An ACL simply defines where and what a "Group" can do. A Group is simply a bunch of users defined by a name. That is all.

Here is a basic guide that you can use to create the most essential permissions for your server:

Ok. You have made one admin so far. If you want to add another admin, the other person you know must register himself. After that, you can open the ACL editor and add him in the same way that you used SuperUser to add yourself.

But now you want to make a channel that only certain people can get in. Very simple.

  1. Make sure that everyone you want to add is registered with the server
  2. Make the channel for the people who want it (for this example, make an MMO channel)
  3. Right click on the root channel, click "Edit", then go to the Groups tab
  4. Click, in the empty box at the top, and type the name of the group you want to add. For example, if you wanted to make a channel for MMO players, you might name your group "MMOplayers." Type that into the box and press enter. A new group has been made.
  5. Now you need to add members to this group. In the box at the bottom left, type a member name and press enter after each name. The names that you add should appear in the box above the input box.

Finally, you need to create an ACL for the channel. Close the current window, and then right click on the MMO channel and select Edit. Click the ACL tab.

  1. Here is where it appears to become complicated, when in fact it is not at all. What you first see is inherited ACLs. All inherited means is that the permissions of the above channel are automatically applied to this one. Since we don't want that, uncheck "Inherit ACLs."
  2. Now if you just left it like it is now, then the @all permissions would be in effect for this channel. Anyone who went into this channel (except for those in the admin group; they override this) would have the permissions you see at the right.
  3. But we want to make some ACLs. Start off by adding an "@all." Just click "Add" and it will be created. By default, the Group will be all. All the @ means is "apply to." For this group, you probably just want to set "Deny" for all the permissions. However, you don't have to manually click "Deny" on everything. The group that is defined before it, the "@all" in italics, already has set permissions. For example, it defaults to deny "Write ACL." So, in the "@all" ACL below it, if you don't check either "Deny" or "Allow" and it will default to "Deny." Also note that lower ACLs take priority over ones above them. For instance, you can make an @all that denies permissions for everything, and make an @all below that one, that allows permissions for everything, and everyone in the server will be given administrator-level access to the server.
  4. Now click "Add" again. However, this time you need to click the "Group" box at the bottom left. Delete the "all" text from there and type MMOplayers, then press enter.
  5. Now you need to define what exactly MMOPlayers can do. The recommended settings would probably be "Allow" on all the permissions except for "Write ACL" and "Make channel"; those two permissions should be set to "Deny".
  6. Now only people in the MMOplayers group should be able to join the channel (and those in the admin group, of course).

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