What are the TeamSpeak 2 Client Keyboard Shortcuts?

TeamSpeak 2 Client Keyboard Shortcuts:

Menu Connection: Alt + T

N --> Connect
Q --> Quick Connect
D --> Disconnect
S --> Server Conection Info
U --> Quit

Menu Channels: Alt + C

S --> Switch to Channel
C --> Create Channel
R --> Create Sub-channel
E --> Edit Channel
D --> Delelete Channel
N --> Send Text Message to Channel
T --> Send Text Message to All

Menu Players: Alt + P

K --> Kick Player
I --> Kick Player (With Reason)
C --> Kick From Channel
B --> Ban Player
M --> Mute/Unmute
G --> Get Connection Info
H --> Channel Admin
A --> Auto-Operator
U --> Auto-Voice
O --> Operator
V --> Voice
S --> Send Message To Player
E --> Server Admin [WARNING! Use with care!]
L --> Allow Registration
R --> Remove Registration

Menu Self: Alt + S

A --> Away
M --> Mute Microphone
U --> Mute Speakers/Headphone
B --> Block Whisper
C --> Channel Commander
R --> Request Voice
E --> Register with Server
D --> Admin Register With Server

Menu Info: Alt + I

S --> Server Connection Info
L --> Local Connection Info
H --> Show Permissions
O --> Show IP Bans

Menu Settings: Alt + E

S --> Sound Input/Output Settings
K --> Key Settings
O --> Options

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