Voice Over IP Server Hosting

Teamspeak 3 control panel features

Server Settings

Gives you the ability to edit your servers settings while not connected to your server. You can edit your servers Server Name, Welcome Message, Server Password, Needed security level, Banner image and url, Host message and mode. Also, you can start, stop, or restart your server.

Server Overview

Provides a quick look at your server connection information, file transfer quota usage, and a live server viewer with kick and ban.

Token Manager

With this tool you can regain ServerAdmin should you ever loose it. Also, you can create server group tokens for other users and delete unwanted tokens.

View Server Logs

View the most recent Teamspeak 3 server logs at anytime.

Complaint List

Banlist Manager

View all current server bans with the ability to add ip bans, delete bans, and clear the banlist completely with one button press.

Live Server Viewer

Teamspeak web viewer with HTML iframe integration code and quick join HTML code.

Registered Users

Lists all registered users with the server listing details such as last known nickname, date account was created, and when the user was last connected. Remove any registered user entirely from the server, including any assigned server groups and permissions.

Permissions Reset

Compare your Server and Channel Groups to preset default values. Restore server or channel group to template defaults. Newly added is a master permission reset button that will clear out all permission changes and reset server/channel group permissions to default.

Server Backup / Restore

As soon as you have your server configured exactly the way you want it save a snapshot of every setting on your server. Then load the backup at anytime to restore your server settings, permissions, registered users, channels, etc to the last saved state.

Custom Hostname

Pick your free custom Hostname like (example: "myguild".teamspeak.cc:9001) to use as your server address. Or setup a CNAME record on your own domain so you can connect to your server using (example: "ts.yourowndomain.com":9001).

Custom/BETA Server Mods

This feature is still in BETA. When enabled every 15 seconds our "bot" will connect to your server. Then move users based on if they are idle as determined by your max idle time and/or if the user is marked as away.

With more features on the way...